Current Version Version: 3.0
Author Pavel Ahafonau
Price $2.00
Description Spyglass™ - fun as well as useful augmented reality navigation tool that includes a milspec compass, tracker and finder for GPS locations, constant bearings, Sun, Moon and stars, inclinometer, sextant, rangefinder, angular calculator, camera (with 5x zoom), maps and lots of other useful features. Spyglass™ displays all the real time information right over the live camera feed or a map. Spyglass™ is useful for all types of outdoor activities from marking and then finding your car, camp or hotel to many needs during hunting, fishing, hiking, scouting, seafaring, sports and touring. Spyglass™ simultaneously tracks multiple targets (GPS locations, constant bearings and stars) that can be added manually and by using either maps or the built-in catalogue of brightest stars. Current positions of targets being tracked (including Sun and Moon) are displayed as augmented reality markers or as bearing hints on a compass when they are not in sight of a camera. Star markers can use graphical style according to spectral classes. Spyglass™ allows assigning a primary target that uses a different hint mark – a triangle arrow that is displayed at the corresponding place of the inner edge of the compass azimuth circle thus making it easier to distinguish it from others. Compass and Spyglass™ itself were designed with passion to milspec devices - working in any orientation it supports military units for angles (angular mils) and locations (MGRS). For nautical and marine activities it supports navigating along rhumb lines and nautical miles. Sextant and built-in angular calculator are used to measure distance to or size of remote objects as well as relative azimuth, elevation or spherical angles. Stadiametric optical rangefinder (like the ones used in sniper scopes) helps to quickly measure approximate distance to objects with known size. Scale is 300-1500ft (100-500m) for objects with height of 5.6ft (1.7m) or relative in size. Spyglass™ can be easily converted into a simple compass when you need no augmented reality features thus preserving battery power for a longer runtime. Spyglass™ also allows taking pictures and screenshots that are properly oriented and stored into the photo album. *** FEATURES *** - Heads-up display style (like in planes or sci-fi movies) - Compass (milspec, working with any orientation) - Multiple locations and bearings tracker (AR) - Sun and Moon positions tracker (AR) - Polaris and any known star positions tracker (AR) - Presets for each of 90 brightest stars - Add custom locations, bearings and stars - Rhumb line (nautical) navigation - Sextant (AR), inclinometer and angular calculator - Stadiametric optical rangefinder (300-1500ft or 100-500m) - Measure vertical, horizontal, spherical angles - Measure distance to or size of objects - GPS (coordinates, altitude, speed, course) - Maps with autorotation - Basic motion dampening - Digital zoom camera (up to 5x) - Take photos into the album - Milspec, imperial or metric units (+MGRS WGS84) - Compass mode (camera off) - Variety of HUD colors and color filters - Highly configurable *** IMPORTANT NOTES *** The Spyglass™ is only available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Maps require access to the Internet. When disabled no Internet access is needed. *** P.S. Support does work and is responsive. Need something to be fixed, any help or have wishes - send us a request via support page. *** THE COOL VIDEO *** Watch it at YouTube: *** F.A.Q. AND MANUAL *** Detailed user manual is at our website as PDF. ________________________________________ CHECK OUT OUR OTHER HIGH QUALITY APPS: Scany™, Nice Trace™, Deep Whois™, Net Status™, RBL Status™ GIFT THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the iTunes® App Store

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