• Super capacious and versatile
  • Attractive interface, lots of utilities


  • Pricey

At A Glance

A super-flexible and competent, but pricey home-office and small business NAS box.

Manufacturer’s Description

Disk Station DS508 Ultra-high-speed, 5-bay NAS Server with Hot-swappable HDD design, 2 Gigabit LAN ports and Windows ADS Authentication for Small Businesses and Corporations. DS508 is designed to serve continual data access for corporate users. The hot swappable hard drives are easily replaceable when hard drive failure occurs. Data is available 24/7. DS508 provides ultra-speedy data transmission and powerful computing capability, which is not only suitable for corporate environments that demand efficiency, but also a great choice for power users who massively access data on the server.

Manufacturer’s Website

Manufacturer's Pricing

The Specs

Part Number DS508
Drive size 2500.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 7200.0 RPM
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces Gigabit ethernet
Included Software
Included Software
  • Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0
  • Data Replicator 3.0
Buffer Size 16.0 MB
Installation Kit Hardware Ethernet cable


PC World Test Center
Interface tested Gigabit ethernet
Primary Volume - Virus Scan 551.12
External Read - Files and Folders 116.26
External Read - Large File 78.26
Primary Volume - Windows File Search 315.24
External Write - Files and Folders 259.78
External Write - Large File 196.98
Test Version 2.0