• Extremely small full-page printer
  • Prints from PCs and smartphones


  • Poor quality, monochrome-only printing
  • Thin and curly thermal paper

At A Glance

The PrintStik is tiny for a full-page printer, but its poor print quality is best for short-lived documents.

Manufacturer’s Description

Planon PrintStik PS900 is the Smallest Full Page Portable Printer with self contained paper on the market. The concept of portable printers is not new but few people actually bring it with them, reason it's too big and cumbersome. The need to print away from your office is there but the convenient solution is not up until now. The PrintStik is remarkably small with 20 pages of paper inside making it easy to carry in a laptop or netbook bag. For many of us our work is being redefined with more needing to be accomplished on the go away from the convenience of our office. Planon is at the forefront in providing mobile office in a pocket.

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The Specs

Part Number DPEN-PS910

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