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At A Glance

Standard 1TB internal hard drive.

Manufacturer’s Description

WD Caviar Black drive combines a high performance electronics architecture with a rock solid mechanical architecture to deliver the perfect storage solution for your fully-loaded PC or maxed out gaming machine. Cool drive operation, no-touch head technology, and leading-edge vibration protection ensure enhanced reliability and sustained data throughput.

The Specs

Part Number WD1001FALS
Drive size 1000.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 7200.0 RPM
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces SATA-300
Serial ATA SATA-300
Buffer Size 32.0 MB


PC World Test Center
Interface tested SATA-300
Test Version 2.0
Internal Read - Ahead Nero Burning 350.0
Internal Read - ACDSee 487.0
Primary Volume - Virus Scan 51.6
Internal Write - Large File 80.58
Internal Read - WinZip 334.0
Internal Write - Files and Folders 100.18
Primary Volume - Windows File Search 144.23