• Compact size
  • Good performer


  • Expansion via USB only
  • Pathetic gaming scores

At A Glance

Tiny but powerful, this PC is perfect for small workspaces and kiosks.

Manufacturer’s Description

The ultra-compact Acer Veriton L460 Desktop has a physical volume of just over three quarts (three liters) but packs the power of an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. The almost-silent operation of this PC is conducive to a productive work environment, and its low power consumption helps keep costs down.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Processor type Intel Core 2 Duo E4700
Processor speed 2600.0 MHz
Included monitor No
Display size 19.0 inches
Display type LCD
Primary Graphics Chipset Intel GMA 3100
General Information
UPC Code 884483151868
Memory size 2048.0 MB


Overall Rating
WorldBench 6 Score 94.0
WorldBench 6 Rating Good
Office Productivity
Web Browsing 268.0   seconds (lower is better)
Office Suite Use 366.0   seconds (lower is better)
File Compression 225.0   seconds (lower is better)
Content Creation
Image Editing 427.0   seconds (lower is better)
GPU Graphics Rendering 475.0   seconds (lower is better)
CPU Graphics Rendering 625.0   seconds (lower is better)
Video Encoding 220.0   seconds (lower is better)
DVD Burning 626.0   seconds (lower is better)
Video Editing 211.0   seconds (lower is better)
World Bench 6 Multitasking 342.0
Overall Graphics Score Poor
Doom 3, 1280 by 1024, 32-Bit 7.2   Frames per second (higher is better)
Doom 3, 1024 by 768, 32-Bit 8.5   Frames per second (higher is better)
Far Cry, 1280 by 1024, 32-Bit 11.97   Frames per second (higher is better)
Far Cry, 1024 by 768, 32-Bit 15.24   Frames per second (higher is better)