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Price $2.00
Description The Smart Alarm is an alarm clock that is designed to watch the weather in your area while you sleep, and alert you according to your predefined terms. You set a base time -- the time at which you would need to wake under ideal conditions -- and the Smart Alarm either wakes you up then, or accommodates any morning challenges brought on by weather. How does it do that? It leverages your iPhone’s cellular and GPS, and your iPod Touch’s Wi-Fi connections to monitor the weather in your area.

Live in a snowy climate? If so, sometimes all you need is to get yourself ready. But other times, snow falls overnight and you suddenly need to shovel your driveway before you've even begun to deal with painfully slow traffic. In that situation, the Smart Alarm -- knowing about the snowstorm -- would wake you up earlier than your normal (base) time, allowing you to adjust to the weather difficulties and not run late. Travel for business? No problem. Because the device uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular, it knows where you go and adjusts accordingly. People travel and we don’t want you waking up 20 minutes earlier in San Diego, CA cause it’s snowing back home in New York City.
The built-in battery makes sure the alarm is checking your weather throughout the night, and even in the event of a power outage, your alarm will sound.

- Due to the weather site used, The Smart Alarm is only available for use in the United States

- This application needs to be opened in order to run.

- When woken up at the normal time, no alert image will be displayed on the screen

- Sometimes the GPS can return inaccurate locations. In order for us to make sure that you are woken up according to local weather, we added a location notification pop-up upon boot up of the device. If the location shown is not where you are, go to the settings screen to correct the location

-Due to constant queries of current weather conditions which may draw battery power, we recommend that your device be plugged in while The Smart Alarm is running.

- For easier use we recommend a dock be purchased for your device. The Snooze and On/Off Slider were intentionally placed at the bottom of the screen in order to leverage a more stable footing when pressed in a docking station.

- This application checks the weather at the time it is happening and does not check forecasts throughout the day