• Huge capacity in a small package
  • Very good performer


  • USB only
  • Won't fit in Elite docking port

At A Glance

This palm-size (though thicker than usual) 1TB USB drive performed well. The included WD SmartWare software is nicely designed, too.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Western Digital popular portable drive now features more capacity than ever to store all the important memories of your digital life. It also includes automatic, continuous backup and password protection. Maximum capacity, maximum style - store all your favorite videos, music, photos, and important files. It also has drive lock to give you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from unauthorized access or theft with password protection. Still sleek and compact, you can load it up and take it with you anywhere.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Part Number BABM0010BBK
Drive size 1000.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 5400.0 RPM
Drive type External
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces USB 2.0
USB 2.0 Yes
Warranty information 1 Year
Warranty information 1 Year
Included Software
Included Software WD SmartWare
Installation Kit Hardware Mini-USB cable

Warranty Information

1 Year


PC World Test Center
Interface tested USB 2.0
External Performance, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files Read, 3.68 GB 127.2   seconds
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 141.1   seconds
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 108.1   seconds
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 118.3   seconds
Install 3.1 51.0   seconds
Uninstall 3.1 68.3   seconds
Malware Scan 523.1   seconds
System Power, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files & Folders Read, 3.68 GB 85.0   watts
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 85.1   watts
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 85.5   watts
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 85.6   watts
Install 3.1 87.2   watts
Uninstall 3.1 85.9   watts
Malware Scan 95.6   watts
System Idle State 80.1   watts
System Sleep State 79.6   watts
System Work State 90.2   watts

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