Current Version Version: 1.2.2
Author The Voxel Agents
Price $1.00
Description *** HUGE SEQUEL just launched!!!! Search iTunes for Train Conductor 2 USA! *** Featuring American locations, endless play and Facebook :D

★★★★★ DESCRIPTION ★★★★★

Manage the railroads of 5 authentic Australian cities! Deliver trains with the swipe of a finger, avoid disastrous collisions and explore 4 crazy ghost worlds with Demon Trains!

Become a Train Conductor today!

★★★★★ REVIEWS ★★★★★

"Train Conductor is the best offering in the App Store right now."
Daniel Uhm -

"Unmistakably addictive and delicately designed. You will love Train Conductor and it will reward you. iPhone Game of the Year 2009?"
Arsen Nazaryan -

"The design is simply brilliant."
Aldrin Calimlim -

# One of Apple's "Highly Addictive Games" - May 2010
# Australia's #2 Strategy Game for 16 days straight! #2 in Italy, #1 in Slovenia.
# Hit the Top 25 of 46 Countries!! UK, France, Spain, Italy, China, Australia, Japan + more (Strategy Games)

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

✔ Online Plus+ Leaderboards - compare scores with friends
✔ 15 Challenging Achievements to collect!
✔ Gorgeous hand-painted levels and lush environmental effects; Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Great Outback, Flinders St Station, the famous wine region and the golden beaches
✔ Wide variety of conditions; Gold Rush Trains, Demon Trains, Ghost Trains, broken tracks and different weather patterns
✔ Miniature 3D Steam Trains and Cars
✔ Get on a winning streak and increase your Score Multiplier
✔ Experience the crazy Graveyard Shift - Ghost Trains don't crash into each other, but you have to connect them at breakneck speeds - "MENTAL"!!
✔ Create multiple profiles on one device
✔ Quirky original soundtrack - no expense spared on this soundtrack!! (or listen to your iPod)
✔ Fully compatible with iPhone and iPod OS 2.2.1 and up

Watch the Train Conductor trailer at

- Press the day/night button in the main menu to get to the Graveyard Shift
- Try using fast forward to challenge the leaderboards!! Its quite a challenge... we recommend you start using fast forward in Cairns
- To use a second game profile, logout of Plus+ (your progress can be restored) and login with another Plus+ account.

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