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Description Notes, ToDo's, Images, Voice - all togther at last! Drag and drop into folders. Now sync to SmartNotes web! ★★★★★ RANKED #1 in this section of the App Store during it's first month (January) ★★★★★ FEATURED BY APPLE as "New and Noteworthy" on the iTunes App Store! SmartNotes is an intuitive way to organize your thoughts. It's easy to group and combine notes, to-do's, photos and voice recordings visually with the tip of your finger. SmartNotes uses innovative technology to allow you to group your notes into folders by dragging your notes on-top of each other. This helps you to very quickly organize your thoughts into common areas. In addition, SmartNotes helps you organize your notes by associating them with projects that you create. Like its' companion app SmartTime, SmartNotes integrates with your iPhone's Contact list, Email and Google maps. Quickly create new notes and ideas using the simple “quick note” feature to enter all your thoughts such as favorite-quotes, grocery-list, your-book-outline, travel-diary and your private list of innovative-ideas. All this with a beautiful, simple to use interface that features a variety of different backgrounds. With SmartNotes you can easily and quickly organize your thoughts by simply tapping and dragging them together! Key Features ✓ quickly enter free form text into a note. ✓ drag group common notes onto another to create folders ✓ move notes around with your finger to indicate priority ✓ assign notes to any number of different projects ✓ attach photos to notes ✓ attach voice-recordings to notes ✓ create to-do notes and checklists ✓ email your notes ✓ connect notes with contacts from your addressbook ✓ insert contact info from your address-book ✓ insert address info into your note ✓ call from your note with attached contact ✓ map your note with google maps