Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Spa Sanctuary and Salon Inc.
Price $2.00
Description We thank you for your interest in Voice Camera Pro. Our company appreciates your feedback and will be continually updating our app to bring you the ultimate hands free photo application.

Voice Camera Pro is the FIRST and ONLY iPhone Camera App that allows you to fully control your camera using voice activated commands!

If you like using Google Voice, iPhone Voice Control, Dragon or Vlingo and enjoy photography apps such as Camera Genius, Snapture or Pro Camera, Voice Camera Pro is the app for you.

Say the keywords in the Command List to use camera functions and shoot pictures with our hands-free, speech recognition technology.

You can also create your own custom camera commands to control camera functions in any language. For instance, if you wish to say the word "Snap" to take a picture, type in the word "Snap" in the custom page and turn on the custom switch. Now when you say "Snap", VCP will take a picture.

Tell us what types of voice activated features you would like us to add to the application. For example, if you’d like us to enable a voice command that takes 10 pictures at once or pictures in black and white, let us know and we’ll add the voice command. It's that simple.

For Version 1, we've added the following voice commands:
1. Camera - Launches the Camera
2. Shoot - Takes a Photograph
3. Double - Takes 2 Consecutive Photos
4. Triple - Takes 3 Consecutive Photos
5. Quad-Takes 4 Consecutive Photos
*The Double, Triple and Quad functions have a 2 second delay between pictures so that you can reposition the picture, maintain focus and avoid repitition.
6. Library - Launches Library in Camera
7. Share - Emails selected photo in library
8. Home - Launches App Home Page
9. Command - Launches Command List
10. Custom - Launches Custom Commands
11. Information - Launches Info Page
12. Exit - Closes the Application
*The Exit function is currently not activated to avoid random closing while using the app. In our next update, a new Exit command will be included.

Since Voice Camera Pro is 99% accurate in quiet, controlled environments, we advise our users to use their headphone unit to control the app in loud places such as a concert.

The Speech Recognition and Activation Technologies found in Voice Camera Pro is provided by Creaceed, based on Julius and Flite.

We combined technologies developed by Tokyo's University of Science, Carnegie Mellon's Language Technology Institute and Belgian Signal and Imaging Developers to bring you true, voice activated photography technology.

We built Voice Camera Pro for iPhone users who enjoy new technologies that enhance everyday convenience.

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