• Includes Memeo Backup software
  • Sleek design


  • No other interfaces beyond USB

At A Glance

Although this drive isn't USB 3.0-certified, it performed well in our tests.

Manufacturer’s Description

DriveStation USB 3.0 HD-HXU3 is the next generation of Buffalo's high speed external storage. SuperSpeed USB offers maximum transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, an amazing 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Ideal for editing and management of bandwidth intensive programs such as CAD or video editing software, the new DriveStation USB 3.0 can store thousands of music, video, photo and data files at lightning fast speed. The DriveStation USB 3.0 storage solution is backward-compatible with all USB 2.0 enabled computers and notebooks, and will work with all future USB 3.0 models. Included with each DriveStation USB 3.0 HD-HXU3 storage solution is Memeo's award winning backup package. Memeo Instant Backup software gives you the power to securely and automatically manage and backup your files in real-time. The DriveStation HD-HXU3 with SuperSpeed USB has the speed and power to back up important data and store office work, digital photos, music and movies in the blink of an eye.

The Specs

Part Number HDHX15TU3
Drive size 1500.0 GB
Drive type External
Warranty information 1 Year
Warranty information 1 Year
Included Software
Included Software Memeo Backup Software

Warranty Information

1 Year


External Performance, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files Read, 3.68 GB 40.0   seconds
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 57.2   seconds
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 31.1   seconds
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 35.1   seconds
Install 3.1 38.9   seconds
Uninstall 3.1 64.8   seconds
Malware Scan 339.7   seconds
Drive Power, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files & Folders Read, 3.68 GB 12.3   watts
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 11.5   watts
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 11.9   watts
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 11.5   watts
Install 3.1 10.1   watts
Uninstall 3.1 9.9   watts
Malware Scan 11.3   watts
Drive Idle State 9.8   watts
Drive Sleep State 9.7   watts
Drive Working State 11.2   watts