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Price $4.00
Description If your house could talk, what would it say? Our money’s on “Please, please, please use HomeKeeper.” Of course we may be a little biased, but after using HomeKeeper we think you’ll agree.

HomeKeeper is a robust application that gives homeowners the tools they need to make sure they’re doing everything they can to keep their house in tip-top condition. A database of over 100 home maintenance tasks is included, with brief descriptions, pictures and suggestions for how often to perform the task.

Users can add tasks to their home with notes specific to each task. Have a task we didn’t include? New tasks can be created and added to HomeKeeper with your own description and picture.

The To Do List displays your home’s upcoming tasks, based on when they’re due. Not ready to fertilize the lawn this weekend? Click on “Postpone” and enter a new due date. A quick glance at the HomeKeeper icon on the iPhone or iPod touch’s app screen will show the owner how many tasks are currently due.

In order to avoid going back and forth to the hardware store 4 times on a Saturday, we’ve built the Shop List. Add items like batteries and light bulbs to the list. Sort by store name, price, or date needed. Click on “Purchase” and the item is added to your purchase history for future reference.

HomeKeeper can’t change your furnace filter for you, but it can remind you when you need to. And tell you the last time you changed it. And tell you what type of filter to buy. And add it to the shopping list for your next trip to the store. And tell you where you bought it last. And tell you how much you paid. And, well, you get the idea.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All content within HomeKeeper is to be used at your own risk. Always follow manufacturers’ guidelines when determining a maintenance schedule and method for performing maintenance tasks on your household items.