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Description WritePad demonstration video: WritePad lets you take notes in your own handwriting with an iPad stylus pen or even your finger. The state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software will adapt and learn your style of writing. You can use simple gestures to select text, cut, copy, paste, and insert special characters. WritePad has a spell checker with its own custom dictionary, a context analyzer, auto-corrector, and a Shorthand feature that fills-in words and phrases you frequently use, once entered into the Shorthand Editor. WritePad lets you save and transfer files over Wi-Fi from your iPhone or iPad to another iPhone or iPad. Even if you are already familiar with handwriting recognition applications, we recommend that you start by reviewing the WritePad Tutorial ( to take full advantage of all features and options WritePad offers. Benefits and Features - Create and edit text documents using the advanced handwriting recognition engine or iPad keyboard for text entry in landscape or portrait mode. - Improve productivity by utilizing inline gestures, spell checker, context analyzer, and shorthand features. - Statistical analyzer, which improves overall handwriting recognition quality by addressing common recognition errors. If this feature is enabled, WritePad will learn the user's own handwriting style. - Email, Tweet, Print, or post Facebook updates directly from WritePad. - Synchronize WritePad documents with Dropbox, Evernote, and iTunes or upload documents to Google Docs. - Translate documents to 13 supported languages using Bing Translator. - Change WritePad's appearance by manipulating text, page, and ink colors using the customizable Styles feature.