Current Version Version: 2.7
Author Ndili Technologies, Inc
Price $6.00
Description • Print to directly to networked or shared printers - NO software required !
• Fax Documents to any country in the world directly from your iPad!
• Import, Print or fax documents created in iWork for iPad: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
• Share documents wirelessly between multiple iPads, iPad and iPhone, or iPad and computer.
• And much more...

Rated one of the "Best Business Apps for iPad"!

Fax Print & Share is a comprehensive suite productivity applications focused on faxing, printing, sharing, and document handling. Consisting of multiple compatible and interwoven modules, Fax Print & Share enables direct printing, faxing, emailing, document storage, viewing, sharing, and more. Printing does not require installation of any companion software on your computer. Faxing does not require a subscription or signup.


"... Fax Print & Share for iPad stands out from the crowd by letting users print to shared printers without installing and drivers or additional software. It’s not just for printing, though; the app lets you fax paperwork, e-mail colleagues, open documents (PDFs, Microsoft Offiice, OpenOffice), and images (BMP, GIF, TIFF)"
- Tech Encore's Best Business Apps for iPad, Ravi K.

"Great app while on the road!!!!!!"

"Worked great for me... Saved me"
- April

"Excellent app... Just what I needed for using my iPad on the road; produce docs and print/fax them without need for the laptop! Does what it says on tin. Also helpful & fast support when needed."
- MK

Features include:
*A comprehensive Documents module, complete with a Documents Viewer with support for a wide array of document types, including PDF, MS Word, Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and many more.

*Documents Module supports faxing, printing, and emailing. The Documents Module also includes support for uploading existing documents from your computer, as well as creating new ones on the iPhone.

*Direct printing to networked printers (no computer required!), and also to Mac and linux shared printers. No companion software installation necessary.

*Faxing globally to over 250 countries and territories worldwide. Fax Print Share has native support for practically all types of documents, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Bitmap, TIFF, Text, HTML, Open Office documents, GIF, encapsulated post script, and much more. No subscription or signup required. Includes 4 free fax units. Additional fax units can be obtained on-demand via In-App purchase.

*Capture and process images using Fax Print & Share Photo Lab. Image processing tools allow image editing. Fax, print and email images directly from the Photo Lab.

*Attach and send documents via email.

*Print documents directly to Fedex Online (formerly known as Kinko's). Fedex Office is the expert at printing manuals, presentations and business documents, with over 1800 locations worldwide.

*Flexible PC Access for documents on the iPhone, via both WebDAV and regular web browsers.

*And much more.

Fax Print & Share consists of 4 functional modules:
1.Documents Module (Store, Share, View, Print, Fax, Email, etc)
2.Photo Lab (Capture Image, Image Processing, Fax, Print, Save, Email, etc)
3.Fax Center (Manage Faxes and Cover Sheets, View Fax Status, etc)
4.Print Online

2. Faxing does not require a signup or subscription, but it does require in-app purchase. Four free fax units are included with this app for immediate faxing.

1. This App contains extensive help pages.
On your iPad, launch the App, then select "Main Menu -> More Tools -> Help" to view the extensive In-App user manual.

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