• Nice price
  • Video is passable


  • Limited access to apps
  • Touchscreen is tough to operate

At A Glance

The Archos 7 performs a set of core tasks reasonably well and comes at very reasonable price of $199. On the other hand, the touchscreen is hard to operate, and you can’t buy new apps at the Android Market.

Manufacturer’s Description

Archos 7 Home Tablet bridges the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC, providing constant access to the web, customization through Android Apps, and delivery of multimedia content all in a seven-inch widescreen format. Access the information you need, such as news, weather, or local business info. Enjoy your favorite movie clips or watch some YouTube videos for a quick entertainment fix. Or just kick back and listen to some music. With built-in Wi-Fi, quick and easy file transfer, and up to 7 hours video/44 hours music on a single charge, this affordable tablet will keep you entertained and connected all day long.

Manufacturer’s Website

Archos 7 Home Tablet

The Specs

Part Number 501521