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Description ** Finalist in Intel App up contest.. ** ** Winner for Famous software Award for innovative and efficient approach and user satisfaction ** **NEW - Metadata/EXIF on Photos along with Keywords support from Apple Aperture & iPhoto ** Sort Shots – the ONLY app to Utilize Existing Metadata/EXIF making it the Perfect Photo Sharing and Portfolio App for Finding and Sharing Photos. Find Photos Fast using existing Keywords and ratings from popular photo programs including Adobe®, Mac® and Microsoft® programs or create your own. Already using tags and keywords in your desktop photo editor? Now photo EXIF keywords and ratings are automatically imported into your Sort Shots library for easy searching. Image keywords and ratings data are currently supported for Adobe® Bridge® and Lightroom® (Mac and PC) and Apple iPhoto® and Aperture®! Plus, image resolution is exactly as you shot it – no more resizing! Sort Shots – iPad Edition will support keywords and ratings metadata as follows: Full Import and Export of both keywords/tags and ratings from: - Apple Aperture - Adobe Lightroom - Adobe Bridge Import and Export of keywords/tags: -Apple iPhoto -Adobe Elements Import keywords/tags: - Nikon Capture NX - Microsoft Expression Media - Microsoft Photo Gallery Importing your tags is automatic so you can find all your images with the tap of a button. Plus, you can create new tags, assign them to your photos (individually or in a group) and then transfer the images out of iTunes back to your computer. The tags remain with the images and can be read with supported software packages. See the website for a demonstration video. Tap on a tag (keyword), a rating, a category or favorites to quickly locate your photographs. Additionally, the results can be re-sequenced by file name, size, rating or custom. Custom allows you to drag-and-drop your images in whatever order you desire. Play a slideshow using tunes from your Music Library and/or save the Sort for easy one-touch retrieval. Share your photographs by simply selecting one or more photographs and selecting Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or Picasa. E-mail an image or assign it to a contact. Sorts provide instant results. Did your sort yield too many images? Select additional criteria to refine your results; the more criteria you choose, the fewer results that will be returned. For example, a sort of ‘Summer Vacation’ yields 100 photos. You can then choose a person - for example, ‘Pat’ - and only those shots tagged with ‘Summer Vacation’ and ‘Pat’ will be shown. It’s that simple. Sort Shots is perfect way to quickly retrieve your photographs for easy sharing! Features: - Importing of EXIF/Meta data from various software packages including Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, Nikon Capture NX, Apple Aperture, Apple iPhoto, Microsoft Expression Media, Microsoft Photo Gallery. - Full resolution of photographs - Customized search words and ratings - Sequencing based on file name, rating, Size or Custom. - Save your sorts and/or sequencing for easy one-touch retrieval. - Sorts can be based on one or more criteria including: -- Category -- Ratings -- Places -- Favorites -- Type (i.e. photos, videos or both) - Save your sort criteria for quick retrieval - Upload photos to Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Facebook or send an e-mail. - Import images using drag-and-drop functionality via iTunes. - Create an impromptu slideshow with music from your library. Check out the website for additional information including videos on how effective Sort Shots is for sorting and sharing your photos. Apple®, Aperture®, iPad™, iPhoto®, and Mac® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.