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Price $6.00
Description Manage your groceries on your iPhone. Make shopping lists and keep track of what is running low.

- File your groceries into drawers, the fridge or the freezer.
- See whether an item is opened (when you start using it) and whether it is running low.
- Intelligent handling of quantities
- Track when an item was purchased, opened, and marked as running low, as well as the use by date.
- Turn your device on its side to see all items that are running low or going out of date soon
- Generate tasty-looking pictures of groceries by turning photographs of products into pictures of packaging
- Every product you add to your pantry is stored as a blueprint for future use
- Add products to your shopping list direct from your pantry
- Sort your shopping list into aisles
- Localized into UK English, US English and Welsh
- In My Pantry ships with a pre-populated database of blueprints for hundreds of products