Current Version Version: 1.4
Price $2.00
Description Crossroads is an amazingly addicting and simple game. Get ready to guide vehicles through a bunch of beautiful maps using some of the most pleasant and simple controls available on the iPhone. You will learn the rules in less than a minute, but you will play for hours! Be sure to check out the screenshots and the features to see what the game looks like! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Reviews: "We’re delighted to say that CrossRoads did the impossible – it made line-drawing games feel fresh again." 4/5 - Gamezebo "Buy the app! It’s an app that has tons of content from the fun filled maps to the extensive amounts of OpenFeint achievements that can be earned. CrossRoads is an app that is a “must buy”." 5/5 - Appmodo "CrossRoads certainly has that one-more-go addictiveness, plus we really love the feeling of fun it provides, with its jaunty music and cute little cars!" 4/5 - iPhoneFreak "CrossRoads is a fun car-based line drawing game with each map being varied and worth playing over and over" 4/5 - AppSpy "Yeah, so this is one of those games that you pick up and start playing thinking about how simple it is. Three hours later, you're in a mad frenzy trying to beat your last score." - Player Review Featured in "New and Noteworthy", "Hot New Games" and "What's Hot". ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ FEATURES : ✓ Simple and ADDICTIVE Gameplay ✓ Multiplayer available : Up to 2 players over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. ✓ 5 Amazing and Stunning Maps included ✓ OpenFeint Enable : 60+ Achievements, Leaderboards ✓ 3 New and Awesome maps available via in-app purchases ✓ Stunning Graphics & Outstanding Efffects ✓ Great Soundtrack and Sound Effects ✓ Listen your own iPod music while playing the game ✓ Burst balloons, crush zombies, shake clouds,... and a lot more interactive events! ----------------------------------------------- ✚ THE GAME ✚ : CrossRoads is an incredibly addictive time management game, in which your goal is to guide vehicles to their destination. As time passes, more and more vehicles come onto your screen and the idea is to handle them without accidents. In addition, each map includes special events that spice up the game. Nothing complicated, just some disturbing events triggered from time to time, that make each map different from others; the goal always remains the same. For example, in one map you will need to shake your iPhone to chase away clouds and in an other one, you will have to burst balloons that are covering your screen. ✚ MULTIPLAYER ✚ : The multiplayer mode is one of the most interesting features of the game. It allows you to play with one other player on all the maps available, even the ones you bought from the in-game store! Multiplayer is playable over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Send vehicles to your friends' screens to make him lose! Three weapons are also available to distract your opponents with some awesome special effects (screen distortion, paths cancelation, freeze). You can also pick your own avatar for the Game Over screen. ✚ STORE ✚ : Already 3 add-ons maps available in the store ! Play in completely different & original worlds among the traditional Japan, the world of fabulia or even Christmas! Each add-on map includes new music, special effects and new vehicles. ✚ SOCIAL INTEGRATION ✚ : Unlock up to 60 achievements through Openfeint, post your best score on Facebook and Twitter, compete in 7+ leaderboards, and more! ----------------------------------------------- These maps are only available in the in-game store : The Traditional Japan, Christmas Time, and The World Of Fabulia. -----------------------------------------------

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