• Slick, intuitive interface
  • CompactFlash and SD Card slots


  • Video streamed to browser reduced size
  • Remote-access service free for a year

At A Glance

This model is an excellent, easy-to-use choice for streaming media, but it's poky at data transfers.

Manufacturer’s Description

Linksys by Cisco Media Hub with LCD--Home Entertainment Storage--Includes one 1 TB Hard Drive (Model #NMH410)With the revolutionary Linksys by Cisco Media Hub you can access and stream your digital music, photos, and videos throughout your home. Much more than a mere hard drive, it?s an intelligent storage and file server device that?s designed to aggregate media from your PCs and other storage devices. Includes two hard drive bays. With the Linksys by Cisco Media Hub it's easy to view and listen to your digital memories on any PC, laptop, or TV(2) in the house.

The Specs

Part Number NMH410
Drive size 1000.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 7200.0 RPM
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces Gigabit ethernet
Included Software
Included Software
  • NTI Shadow Backup
  • Linksys Media Importer
Buffer Size 8.0 MB


PC World Test Center
Interface tested Gigabit ethernet
Primary Volume - Virus Scan 301.15
External Read - Files and Folders 319.58
External Read - Large File 191.96
Primary Volume - Windows File Search 404.17
External Write - Files and Folders 403.75
External Write - Large File 292.32
Test Version 2.0

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