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Description Diptic lets you quickly and easily combine multiple photos to create a new image. Diptic allows users to tell a story with photo combinations. With Diptic you can quickly and easily create a before-and-after sequence, produce a photographic series, or juxtapose contrasting images. APP POPULARITY: ● Featured in iTunes App Store as "New & Noteworthy", "What's Hot" and "App of the Week" ● Top 100 in iPhone Paid Apps Overall! --US 7.14.2010 ● Top 5 in iPad Paid Photography Apps! --US 7.2.2010 ● Top 5 in iPhone Paid Photography Apps! --US 7.2.2010 ● Top 100 in iPad Paid Apps Overall! --US 7.1.2010 ● Averaged 4.5 Stars in the US App Store after 330 ratings FEATURED REVIEWS: "A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story" --Macworld "Diptic's well-designed interface, simplicity, and thoughtful balance of features make it a delightful app to use." -- TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) FEATURES: ● Snap photos on the spot with an iPhone camera, or pick any photo from your camera roll and albums. ● A choice of nineteen different layouts ● Brightness, contrast and color saturation adjustment for each image ● The ability to pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos ● Customizable controls for border color and width ● A simple and intuitive interface ● Option to export to email or camera roll ● Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch COMMUNITY: ● See what you can do with Diptic on Flickr @ ● Find more information about Diptic @ ● Follow Diptic on twitter for photos and updates @ What's New in Diptic 1.1? ● Quadtics! Now users can tell their stories with up to four images. ● 14 New Layouts! 19 Total, all accessible from the revamped layout selection. ● Retina Display support for iPhone 4 ● Multitasking and state saving for 3GS and iPhone 4 for iOS 4 ● Minor bug fixes and performance improvements