Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $7.00
Description SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that turns your iPad into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.

o The only iPad mind mapping app with support for full undo.
o Switch quickly between several predefined visual styles, including a high contrast style for mind mapping outside in daylight.
o Large Mind Map support.
o Add Cross-Links between any two topics using the pop up menu.
o Select the color for any topic from the color palette.
o Move topic and sub-topics: press down on topic for one second to start dragging sub topics.
o New Visual Style: Compact Gray Scale - allow maximum of content on a single page.
o Email links to MindMaps to share them with other SimpleMind (all editions) users.
o Upload your Mind Maps to a (configurable) web-server and share Mind Maps with other SimpleMind users through your Mind Map index on the SimpleMind web-server.
o Export as OPML - a format supported by most desktop mind map tools.
o Export as Freemind - a free and widely used desktop mind mapping tool.
o Export as PNG image (paste in word processor documents) and PDF document (scalable and best for printing).
o Download Mind Maps - open, view and edit SimpleMind Mind Maps sent to you by other SimpleMind users.
o Easy to use - drag, arrange end edit topics on the MindMap page.
o Apply visual styles - change colors,borders and lines for maximum presentation impact.
o Undo/Redo in the editor - makes editing and experimenting easy.
o Reorganize Mind Map structure - use drag and drop to restructure Mind Maps aided by topic auto-layout.
o Cut/Copy/Paste - move or duplicate topics between Mind Maps.
o Large Mind Map page support - diagram size is only limited by memory. Scroll, zoom and rotate page.
o Re-order Mind Maps in the Mind Map list.
o Share Mind Maps as jpeg image via the Photos library on your iPad.