• Excellent documentation; easy setup
  • Good software bundle


  • Slow; confusing control-panel buttons,
  • Stiff paper guides; ruddy color quality

At A Glance

Useful software and manuals can’t compensate for shortcomings in speed, design, and print quality.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Part Number 2145CN
Operating System Compatibility
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows XP
General Information
UPC Code 8806085439924
Fax Resolution (dpi) 300 x 300 dpi
Scanner Type Flatbed


PCWorld Test Center (Quality)
Print quality: Text Superior
Print quality: Color photo Good
Print quality: Grayscale photo Good
Copy quality Very Good
PCWorld Test Center (Speed)
Print speed: Text 14.3   ppm
Final Scan Time, 4-by-5-Inch Document, 100 dpi 13.58
Grayscale Glossy Output Quality n/a
One-Page Word Document, 300 dpi Very Good
Final Scan Time, One-Page Word Document, 300 dpi 9.79
Preview Scan, 4-by-5-Inch Document, 100 dpi 16.22
Two-Page Excel Document (secs) 31.89
Sports Action Shot (secs) 79.71
Line Art Output Quality Very Good
4 by 6 Grayscale Photo (secs) 42.99
Tested Color Speed (ppm) 1.7
Overall Scan Quality Good
One-Page Webpage (secs) 30.58
Preview Scan, One-Page Word Document, 300 dpi 16.23
Color Output Quality Good
Ten-Page Word Document (secs) 54.63
300dpi Line Art Image (secs) 32.87
Tested Grayscale Speed (ppm) 1.4
Three-Page Word Document (secs) 35.42
Tested Glossy Photo Speed (ppm) 1.8
Final Scan Time, 2-by-2-Inch Document, 600 dpi 15.27
One-Page Copy (secs) 24.32
One-Page Line Art, Maximum Resolution Very Good
Preview Scan, 2-by-2-Inch Document, 600 dpi 16.22
4 by 6 Color Photo (secs) 77.83