Current Version 1.4.15
Author MicaByte
Price Free
Description Sail the Caribbean in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Will you be peaceful trader, traveling from island to island with goods trying to exploit circumstances of high supply and demand? Or will you be a rapacious pirate, waging war on sea and on land against the enemies of your country. You decide! Features: - 5 different skills: Fencing, Sailing, Gunnery, Charisma and Cunning - 20 different historical ships - Customize your ships with 12 different improvements Pirates and Traders is still in development; among the major features that remain to be done (in addition to a host of other improvements): - More missions and storylines - More ship improvements - Improved graphics "Pirates and Traders" is ad-supported. Buy "Pirates and Traders: Gold!" to play ad-free and to donate to/support the continued development of the game. Note 1: I appreciate all constructive comments and bug reports, but developers can not respond and follow up via the market comment system. For suggestions or help, please use the game forums. If you encounter bugs, please contact me by E-MAIL. Note 2: A brief comment to you guys claiming that Pirates and Traders is a clone of other games on the Android market. Here is a simple fact: Pirates and Traders was published in April 2010. Please check your facts before making claims that are so obviously rubbish. Follow us on Twitter: @MicaByteS This is a maintenance release that fixes a few issues. Major gameplay updates are coming (you can follow the discussion on the forums or twitter), but please be patient. Recent changes: (1.4.15) - Fixed bug that allowed ports to fall below 1 in value. - Tweaked the amount of goods generated. - Governor should now correctly display loan repayment amount. (1.4.14) - Added on-screen BACK button (should help those who get stuck in the map). For the world map use MENU. - Rate of loan repayments can be higher than 2000 doubloons. - Ports are now reduced in value when attacked. - Fixed some force close bugs. Content rating: Medium Maturity