Current Version 0.58
Author Fun2Code
Price Free
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Description PAW Server is a Web Server for Android devices. With the PAW webserver you can use the functionality of your phone from a web browser, serve your own web pages or develop phone enabled web applications. Tasker and Locale Plug-in support. The software is still in beta. Working on WiFi. If 3G works is carrier dependent. In case of problems, please send an email! Recent changes: - On user request, the html/index.xhtml file is no longer overwritten. - Added permissions: READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS and WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS - No FC during orientation change on content extraction. - IPv6 display bug fixed (Motorola Xoom). - AndroidCgiHandler has been added, which enables CGI support. PHP will be available as plug-in. - SMS thread view does not break on drafts. - Plug-ins are now sorted. - The login page hopefully now works with IE9. - New Plug-ins section in "Add-Ons" menu.