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Description "Soonr nails the desktop to cloud to iPhone connection for documents." -VentureBeat This mobile companion program for your account is the smart, simple way for you to have access to all your computer files and shared Projects from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Access, View, Collaborate, Search and Print – Do more Soonr. Files on your computers are securely backed up in the cloud making them always available for remote access or collaboration with your team when everyone is mobile and even if your computers are offline. Your phone or any web browser is your control panel. • Access all your PC or Mac files • View documents and pictures fast with optimization for 57 file types. • Collaborate with online Projects. • Instantly search across computers and projects. • Secure computer files with set it and forget it backup. • Print from your phone to any shared printer in your team! • Fax any document through your connected eFax account. • Continuous online backup protects all your critical files • Event notifications with SMS • Upload files as an email attachment Soonr securely backs up Office documents, pictures and other files from your Mac and PC and provides cloud services for searching, viewing, sharing, printing, or faxing when you are away from your computer(s). Version control lets you roll back to an earlier copy of any file in your backup set. Online Project workspaces are shared folder where teams of people can stay productive with automatic distribution of files and user comments. Get started today! 1. Go to on your computer to register and get your free 2GB backup account. 2. Download and install the desktop software on your PC or Mac to begin your secure online backup. Note that you can even backup PC and Mac computers using the same account! 3. Use your mobile application (after installation) to access your desktop files from your phone. If you need more storage or need to add users, you can upgrade at any time. Be in control and in touch even when you are away from your desk and computers are turned off. Soonr and iOS gives you freedom, security and mobility. It is simply a better way to work!