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Price $10.00
Description Insight (former Encamp) is a native iPhone application for Basecamp. It is designed specifically for mobile users, who wants to quickly get a status of their projects, assign, delegate, and complete tasks, post messages and comments, add time logs. And all of this using simple and powerful user interface.

- Dashboard: latest activity overview
- Projects: view all your active and archived projects
-- Overview and latest activity: project announcement and latest activity breakdown by date
-- Messages: filter by categories; create/update/delete messages; post comments
-- To-Do: create/update/delete lists and items; complete, uncomplete items; reorder lists and items; post comments, track time
-- Milestones: create/update/delete milestones; complete, uncomplete milestones; post comments
-- Time: view recent time entries; add new time logs
-- People: email, call, or map your collegues and clients; create new records in iPhone address book, or update existing records with information from Basecamp contacts
- My to-dos: track to-do items assigned to you across all projects

Use Insight to rule as many Basecamp accounts as you want.

View and comment on writeboards right from Insight using mini-browser.

Now you can view files on your Basecamp projects. Only files recognized by iPhone platform are supported:
- PDFs
- image formats: GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG
- Office documents: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations
- many plain-text files
Note: Due to Basecamp API limitations you cannot view what files are attached to a particular message or comment - only the list of files similar to "Files" tab on Basecamp.

You need to have an Internet connection to use Insight. Your Basecamp account must have API enabled. There are also some limitations in Basecamp API for "client" users. Please visit Insight's support website to learn more.

The names and logos for Basecamp, and 37signals are registered trademarks of 37signals, LLC.

Insight is not affilated with 37signals in any way.