Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $5.00
Description The 10bII Business Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Full Edition like the real one and more. Be able to work quicker in complex business and financial calculations with time-saving functions.

* Time value of Money, P/YR setting.
* Amortization.
* Cash Flows NPV & IRR.
* Cost-Sell-Margin.
* Interest conversion.
* Statistics.
* Math functions.
* 20 registers with arithmetics.
* Algebraic Logic.
* 12 digits accuracy.

Features for the iPhone/ iPod Touch :
* Memory Content view.
* Click sound volume Control.
* Continuos memory.
* Free support & updates
* Buy and get for free a 10BII app for Mac OSX & Windows PC. Download the calculator from, send an e-mail to attaching your App Store ticket. The unlocking serial code will be e-mailed back.