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Description MyTumblr - the #1 Tumblr app! Welcome, Tumblr folks! ;) This is the free version with Ads! FEATURES: -Tablet support, small display support! -Supports handling of multiple blogs from within one email adress. -Supports App2SD! -View your totally integrated dashboard (no mobile web view) -View blogs from whoever you want! (also fully integrated) -Follow or unfollow -Ask or answer questions -Manually or automatically send your posts to twitter! -Post ALL types of data! Text, Quote, Link, Video, Audio, Images, etc... -MyTumblr is fully integrated in the native Media Gallery -Like or reblog posts -Delete or edit your own posts -Save your posts as draft or add them to queue -Stream Audio and Video posts -Notifications: MyTumblr will notify you about updates! -Endless scrolling. View all posts in one page! -Shake your phone to refresh the dashboard -Ability to save images directly from the app to your SD card For feedback or bugs write me an email or contact me at: Recent changes: fixed crash in blog view when selecting refresh from menu. Content rating: Medium Maturity