Current Version 1.6
Author Xsilva Systems, Inc.
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LightSpeed Mobile is a mobile retail extension to the next-generation LightSpeed Point of Sale system for Mac. By transforming the way retailers sell to their customers, LightSpeed Mobile revolutionizes the retail experience and helps businesses 'meet their customer' in a whole new way.

Retail sales staff can use LightSpeed Mobile to connect to a LightSpeed database and process customer invoices anywhere in the store with an iPod touch or iPhone. Connect compatible Linēa-pro hardware to an iPod touch or iPhone to add the ability to scan product barcodes and swipe credit cards, allowing you to offer your customers an efficient, personalized shopping experience. Invoices are saved in LightSpeed, which includes backend retail management features like purchasing and reporting in a comprehensive and easy-to-use Mac desktop app.

LightSpeed Mobile offers the ability to:

√ Create New Invoices

√ Perform Inventory Lookups

√ Add or Edit Customers

√ Scan Products with Linea Pro hardware

√ Process Credit Card Payments

√ Complete Payment at a Mac POS station

√ Email and Print Receipts

√ Modify line item quantities and descriptions

√ Discount line items

Learn more about LightSpeed Mobile here:


LightSpeed 3.6 installation or demo database with 1 available user license per LightSpeed Mobile client. For example: A 5-User LightSpeed Server can allow concurrent logins from up to 5 Mac or Mobile clients at one time.

Purchase LightSpeed licenses from Xsilva or from a local LightSpeed reseller. More info can be found here:


- LightSpeed Mobile Hardware Kit for iPod touch 4th Generation or iPhone 4, which includes Linēa-pro 4 and charging cable.

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