Current Version Version: 1.3.1
Author Monster Worldwide
Price Free
Description The Monster app is the perfect addition to your Monster account. Now you can search and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere. Best of all, the Monster app makes it easy to keep up with the latest job opportunities when you’re on the go. Download the app today and find your next job from the palm of your hand. - Use the same account you have on Monster. - The app is automatically synced with your online account- resumes, job applications, cover letters, saved searches (job alerts), saved jobs, etc. - Search for jobs, filter and quickly find the right job. - Use device's built-in GPS to search for jobs. - Apply to select jobs using the app. - Want to apply later? Simply save the job using the app and access it on to complete the apply. - Like your search? Save your search using the app and it is also accessible via website. The Jobs app is the perfect complement to your website account.

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