• Works on GSM networks overseas
  • Connects at reasonable 3G speeds


  • Roams only Verizon-contracted global networks
  • Setup process unnecessarily complex

At A Glance

The 'first global hotspot' works fine, but the cost of roaming overseas on Verizon's partner GSM 3G networks could render the device a very expensive novelty.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Verizon Wireless Fivespot Global Ready 3G Mobile Hotspot connects your laptop to the nation's largest 3G network and creates an instant HotSpot, which can support up to five WiFi-enabled devices . It can provide high-speed remote service in over 200 countries, with more than 120 supporting 3G speeds. The VZAccess Manager automatically installs and connects you to the best available network for the selected mode. The on-board power and service status LED indicators display battery and connection information. Connect a computer to the Fivespot and the computer will power it. Or, unplug for up to 4 Hours of continual usage on a single charge. The Fivespot is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but is a powerful, mobile solution for any internet access challenge by connecting multiple devices to Verizon Wireless mobile broadband over WiFi.

Manufacturer’s Website

3G Mobile Hotspot, Fivespot Global 3G Mobile | Verizon Wireless

The Specs

Battery Type Lithium ion
Vendor Rated Internet Usage Time 4.0 hours
Width 3.92 inches
Depth 2.11 inches
Height 2.11 inches
Weight 0.17625 pounds
UMTS 1.0
Cell Carrier Verizon
GPRS 1.0
Form Factor
Form Factor Candy bar
Keyboard None
GPS 1.0