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Price $2.00
Description Need a calculator for your iPad? Not only a regular calculator, it does tax too! * With Uncle Sam taking money out of your wallet (hence the icon) every time you buy something, have you ever wondered what your total purchase will be with tax? Well wonder no more! The Tax It tax calculator will add up several amounts and will calculate the tax for you. * Tax It now has persistence. If you get a call and the app closes, Tax It will remember where you left off so you can continue your calculations when you open the app back up! * Just set the tax rate under Settings, add up the amounts, hit equals, then the Tax It button and voilà! It adds the tax for you! * Includes option for separate restaurant tax button for those who live in areas with a different tax rate for prepared food. * Will only calculate up to 2 decimal places. Calculator will round number with more than 2