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Description ClickyTouch is an excellent native iPhone and iPad application enabling you to view all of your website statistics in real time, using Clicky Web Analytics. ClickyTouch has been developed specifically to take advantage of the high definition retina display of the iPhone 4 and high resolution iPad. The UI looks gorgeous on all iOS 4+ capable devices. View the following data in a simple, beautiful summary: - Live Active Visitors - Bounce Rates - Time Average - Overall Visitors - Actions - Searches - Bookmarks - Links - Social Media - Goals and Campaigns - Top Pages & Incoming Links - Top Countries & Search Queries Stats automatically refresh whilst you view them, giving you the most up to date data from the Clicky API servers. Use ClickyTouch on iPad as a real time web stats dashboard, all the data views self refresh, even the chart views. Set it up in portrait or landscape mode, stand it on your desk, and just watch! If you thought the 'Spy' feature was addictive, just try ClickyTouch on iPad! Touch through to full detail views, enabling you to drill down into specific visitors or actions, where they came from, and what they may have searched for to reach your website. Double tap again and visit referring websites, or pages on your own site. Select the chart option and view beautiful landscape and portrait mode line graphs for today, today Vs yesterday, today Vs 7 days ago, and totals for the last 30 days (where data is available/applicable). Charts automatically refresh with the current data. Sign in once with your Clicky login credentials, and ClickyTouch will add all of your sites in one go from your Clicky subscription. If you subsequently add/remove sites in the future, simply hit the 'Re-sync' button to refresh the application's site list. IMPORTANT ========== ClickyTouch works with the excellent Clicky Web Analytics package. Sign up for free at and track your website usage today! Clicky's free package gives you the ability to track 1 website, however you can pay to upgrade and add many many more. If you just fancy a play, use "demo" as the username, with no password. ClickyTouch works directly and securely with the Clicky API servers, there is no 3rd party interaction. Your personal details are 100% safe, and only stored on the device itself for convenience.