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Description Have you ever been to the store and wondered if you could afford the brand new TV Set or PC right in front of you? Those times are over, then! With CanIAffordIt you now always have an overview of your financial situation.

The software will give you recommendations whether you can afford the new, desired purchase or not. It will store all your purchases so this tool is always up to date about
your financial assets.

- Recommendations based on your financial data about whether you can afford a purchase or not
- Saves all your income/expenses/purchases - so you always keep track of your financial situation
- Rate payment option
- At the end of a month/end of a rate payment term, your purchases will be automatically transferred to the purchase history list, so the softwares financial information is always current

The financial information displayed by the software is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as investment advice. Before executing any transaction based upon information obtained through the software, you should consult with a financial professional. The author of this software will not be liable to any overextension, other liabilities, damage or similar caused by following the recommendations.

English, German

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