Current Version 1.2.0
Author Loky
Price $3.00
Description We’re all entitled to a little privacy, especially where our mobiles are concerned. Download Loky to create a secure, private area on your mobile where you can hide sensitive contacts, filter their messages (SMS & MMS) away from your regular message inbox, hide your messages back to them and even store your sensitive media files and documents! Features of Loky include: ***HIDE YOUR CONTACTS*** Hide sensitive contact information in a fully-featured and most importantly, secure address book. Loky gives you more than just a simple contact list. ***HIDE YOUR SMS & MMS*** Automatically redirect SMS & MMS messages to and from your Loky contacts so that they avoid your phone's regular messaging app altogether. ***HIDE YOUR FILES*** Store, manage and view media files and documents from the safety of a secure file locker. Loky can hide all sorts of files! ***PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY*** Everything in Loky is securely protected by a 4-digit PIN that you choose yourself when you first download the Loky app. ***STAY ALERT*** Loky can send you a 'dummy' SMS, vibrate or play one of three sounds when you get Loky mail, so that you always know when to check for new messages. ***AUTO LOCK*** You can set Loky to lock you out of the app after anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, so that you can multitask without constantly re-entering your PIN. ***SHAKE TO CLOSE*** Need to close Loky in a hurry? Shake your phone firmly but lightly and Loky will close down automatically, leaving you in the clear! ***SECURITY LOG*** Think someone's been trying to get into your Loky account? Loky saves a record of all successful and failed log in attempts! ***CAPTURE IMAGES*** You can capture images right from within Loky, so that the moment you take a picture you know that it's already under lock and key! ***PRESS & HOLD*** Press and hold the screen for a short time on a contact, message or file and discover a whole new way to interact with Loky. ***TELL YOUR FRIENDS*** Loky makes it very easy to recommend the app to friends who value privacy too. Simply press and hold on a contact to get started! ***LANDSCAPE MODE*** Loky supports landscape mode, so if you have a handset with a slide-out keyboard you'll find Loky a real joy to use! ***SUPPORTED LANGUAGES*** Loky is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese! If you have any new suggestions for features, please feel free to send them to - thanks! Content rating: Low Maturity