Current Version 1.0.19 (75571)
Author HipLogic Inc.
Price Free
Description Customizable Home screen - Everything you want in one place *Spark is an ALL-IN-ONE Super App that gives you Weather, Live Sports Scores, News, Groupon Deals, Facebook, Twitter and multiple home screens to add your own widgets, folders and shortcuts. You can use *Spark as a... -Home Screen app -Launcher -All-in-one app What makes *Spark great? - Comprehensive Sports coverage for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL & NCAA, English Premier League & UEFA Champions League. - Live Twitter & Facebook streams - Update your status to both at the same time - Use up to 7 different screens to store your Widgets, Folders, and Shortcuts - Real-time News – Top News, Word, Entertainment, Sports, Business, & More - Share News stories and Sports scores via Facebook, Twitter, or SMS - Always know the current forecast, wherever you are - View Groupon daily deals and local offers, save $$$ - Settings allow you to customize your own version of *Spark FOLLOW US: Twitter - @sparkmyphone Facebook - *Spark *Spark is a Home screen app / launcher - In order to access your phone data there are a few permissions to accept. We will ONLY use them as stated below. Explanation of permissions: > Your location: Used to deliver local weather & deals > Network communication: Used to communicate with our servers to deliver news, sports, & deals > Storage: Used to cache all of your content > Phone calls: Used to detect the model of your phone for performance optimization > Services that cost you money: Only Standard messaging rates if sharing stories via text/SMS > Your personal information: Used to populate your contacts & allow you to make calls > Your messages: Used to allow you to send & receive SMS / MMS messages Note for Android OS 2.0+ users: We are aware of a few bugs that may cause force close. - Empty folders on *Spark Virtual Screens can cause *Spark to force close - For HTC devices, memory errors can cause *Spark to force close Remember, for the best user experience *Spark requires a reliable network reception. Recent changes: - Rotation on home screen - Updated sports tabs based on current leagues in play - Fixed Force Close Errors - Enhanced localization - Improved performance - Fixed click-through to sports scores when no live games are available Content rating: Low Maturity