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Description Turn your iPad into a magical trackpad and remote control center for your Mac or PC. Control your computer from across the room, or at your desk. Great for presentations, media PCs, or as a productive replacement for your mouse. Rated 4.5 out of 5 mice by Macworld! Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Padgadget! See a demo at: Remote Conductor Trackpad (RC Trackpad) is much more than just another mouse app. You can securely enter text with a fully encrypted remote keyboard - with extra keys. You can control your music and video applications with a convenient slide up media remote. RC Trackpad also makes finding and launching your desktop programs as easily as starting apps on your iPad. And finally, RC Trackpad brings you a whole new, visual, way to navigate and control all your open applications and windows. The App Store's only fully secure trackpad app! Security is about more than just protecting what you type. Did you know that using an insecure mouse app can actually increase your computer's risk of being hacked? Learn more: * YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE FREE SERVER BEFORE USING: * INCLUDES: - Trackpad with configurable multi-touch gestures - (Including Lion style gestures) - Fully Encrypted Keyboard with extended keys - Media Remote - Launchpad Style App Launcher: just like launching apps on the iPad - Thumbnail Based Window switcher: view app windows and switch or manage them - Selectable background images - 8 photos built in, or use your own! MAIN FEATURES: - Wireless control of your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi - Bluetooth supported with iOS 4.3+ (Mac OS X 10.6 Only) - Landscape and Portrait support - 256 bit AES SSL connection - safely enter passwords! - Protect your computer! - Automatic computer discovery or connect by hostname / IP - Smooth, lag free operation - Built in help, getting started, and gesture guide TRACKPAD FEATURES: - (most Macbook / Magic Trackpad / Lion gestures) - Single finger tap for left button - Two finger tap for right button - Two finger scroll - with momentum - Pinch to zoom - Single finger drag (tap, tap, drag) or 3 finger drag - Plus over 20 configurable gestures that can be mapped to over 20 actions. - For a full list of gestures and actions see: KEYBOARD FEATURES: - Fully encrypted - Works in portrait or landscape - Extended row is scrollable for 6 sets of useful keys - 72 total - Extra keys include Ctrl, Alt, Cmd, Win, cursor, numbers, function keys, media, browser and more. MEDIA REMOTE FEATURES: - Simulates standard keyboard media keys - Play / Pause, Next / Prev Track - Fast Forward and Rewind - (Works with most apps on Mac, iTunes only on PC) - Mute and system volume control APPLICATION LAUNCHER FEATURES: - Apps organized by pages just like on the iPad - Apps pinned to your Mac's dock or PC’s taskbar are shown in a scrollable Launch Bar - Automatically finds installed programs - Supports custom application paths APP / WINDOW SWITCHER FEATURES: - Shows thumbnails of all open windows in a unique scrollable grid - Organizes open apps and windows by most recent use - Supports switching between open windows not just apps on Mac - (unique feature) - Use tap and hold menus: quit app, hide, close window, minimize, zoom REQUIREMENTS: - Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion - Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) - iTunes - Wi-Fi router (LAN or ad hoc network) - Free Conductor Server software * You can test your network for compatibility before you buy at: * QUICKSTART: - Download and install Conductor Server on your Mac or PC ( - Start RC Trackpad on your iPad - Tap on the discovered server to