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Description ♥♡♥ Listen to your heart while you workout ♥♡♥
☞☞☞ Additional Hardware Required ☞☞☞
☖☗☖ "More Cowbell" custom motivator ☖☗☖

Now, for the first time, an iPhone app that listens to your heart while exercising! iSPINNING™ is a Spinning® cardio fitness system that enables you to log your fitness data whether you are on a Spinner®, road or mountain bike.

iSPINNING is compatible with most of the market-leading fitness heart rate monitors, including most Garmin, New Balance, Nike, Polar and Reebok models and enables you to customize dashboards and upload workouts on your iPhone to see and track fitness metrics, including:
➣ Current, Average and Maximum Heart Rate
➣ Time in Target Zones
➣ Calories Burned
➣ Cadence
➣ Speed
➣ Distance
➣ Power
➣ Elapsed and Remaining Exercise Time

☞☞☞ Additional Hardware Required ☞☞☞
iTMP’s SMHEART LINK™ creates a wireless bridge between a variety of fitness sensors and the iPhone. To acquire SMHEART LINK to track your real fitness data, go to Settings|Purchase SMHEART LINK or go to

✚✚✚ Free Preview ✚✚✚
You can preview iBPM+ without SMHEART LINK by going to Settings|Data Mode and turning on Simulation.

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