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Description Map your road trip whether it is a driving trip or a city walking tour! Add the places to visit; print it, email it… Start with a map and add points for the places you wish to visit. Do it all at once or take your time and think about it, as your map is automatically saved for future reference. Add a point directly on the map by holding your finger on a location, from your current location, from Contacts, or choose a result from a map search. In addition to the address, each point has a name, description, and one or two pins. 2 shapes, 9 colors and 36 symbols allow you to customize the pins. The order of points can be changed at any time. The route can be shown in three ways: by car*, walking* or direct. Furthermore, the actual route can be tracked**. In addition, you have the option to also show the optimal route*. The distances for the segments and total route are included in the list of points for the map. Share maps via Internet export and import, by printing or emailing, or on Facebook. Options can be configured in the Settings app. FULL VERSION FEATURES • Create and save multiple trip maps, each with unlimited number of points • Printing and emailing include the list of points and distances for each segment and for the entire route • iAds banners are no longer displayed *The display of the street route and optimal route is provided using the Google Directions API service and therefore subject to certain limitations set by the service provider. **Route tracking requires the active use of the onboard radio hardware and may consume a significant amount of power. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.