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Price $1.00
Description Chicken Coup: The Farm's Gone Crazy! HD Universal App, created with the Unreal Development Kit, supporting iPhone 4 Retina Display. --- GamePro iOS App of the Day (2-14-2011): "Chicken Coup is pitch-perfect at its $0.99 price point... as a quick, pick-up-and-play option it's fine. Plus, it's really pretty." Hens, Roosters, and Foxes are running wild, and it's up to you to sort them out! Drag the animals into their respective pens, before the wily foxes can steal your precious chickens. Boost your Chicken Power and form Chicken Chains to gain huge Score Multipliers! Use Chicken Bombs to clear the playing field when you need a last-minute save! Do you have what it takes to be Top of the Pecking Order and complete all the levels? Find out here, earn Achievements, and post your high scores on the GameCenter Leaderboard! More Chicken Coup Levels to Come!!! --- Be sure to check out Trendy's online action RPG on the App Store, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave (using Unreal Engine 3)!