Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Ringful LLC
Price $2.00
Description This application brings you the latest local news, sports, events, and jobs from Sin City Las Vegas. The application aggregates updates from local newspapers, TV / radio stations, blogs, community web sites, event sites, and major job boards. It is updated throughout the day at every 10-15 minutes. You can share any update / story directly with your Facebook friends via Facebook Connect, and / or email the story to anyone. You can also save any story for later use.

When you quit the app (or interrupted by a phone call), the app remembers your last section, and loads that section when you starts the next time. That saves you time if you are only interested in one section of updates at most of the time.

This app is indispensable for Las Vegas residents, as well as anyone who visits the Sin City area!

How to use it:

1. Open the app, it will load the latest news into the "Local News" section. You can thumb through other sections (using the tab at the bottom) to load updates to Sports, Events, and Jobs sections as well. Each section will be automatically refreshed each time you re-start the app. You can force an update using the Refresh button at top right.

2. Touch any of the story to see its details. Touch the "Go to full article" link to read the full article from its source.

3. When you are reading a story, use the Action button at the top right to perform actions like "Share Story on Facebook", "Email the story", "Open story in Safari Browser".

4. You can save any article and read it later in the "Saved" tab.

Key features:

* Local News: The local news are aggregated from leading news sources in the area. It covers weather, police, crime, business, technology, community, and all aspects of a local newspaper / TV station.

* Sports: The sports news covers local pro sports teams, as well as college and high school sports teams.

* Events: Get the latest concerts, bar events, and other community events from Upcoming, and Eventful.

* Jobs: The jobs section aggregates search results for cities in the Bay Area from the nation's leading job search engines such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and Monster. Those job engines in turn indexes tens of thousands of corporate and community job boards.

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