Current Version Version: 1.10.4
Author Richard Hoffman
Price $1.00
Description Basic GPS is an application for iPhone that provides simple location data. It is an ideal companion for outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, biking, sailing, kayaking and many more. The screen displays the latitude, longitude, position error, course, altitude, altitude error, time of last update, MGRS position, and UTM position. In the Polar Regions UTM position will be replaced with the UPS position. The app is delivered with WGS84 ellipsoid and used as the default datum. You can purchase an add on that will provided you with an additional 230 datums, which include NAD27, ED50, OSGB36, EGSA87, CH1903, AGD66, AGD84, GDA94, SVY21 and a lot more. The application has a build-in map to show you the current location, and you can share your location with your friends through the email. This software was designed for the iPhone 3G. Some limited functionality is available with the 1st generation iPhone, but not all data will show up on the screen and the error maybe very large. In addition, the software will not function correctly on an original iPhone if you are off the carrier network. This is because there is no on board GPS receiver on the 1st generation iPhone. How to Customize the Settings: You can customize the application by clicking the main settings button on the main screen of the iPhone then scrolling down to "Basic GPS". You can customize many of the settings. Latitude and longitude can be displayed in degrees minutes seconds or decimal formats. You can display distances in feet or meters. There are several font and background colors to choose from. Other Languages: This application supports English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Need this application in a language other than those? Contact us with a request and we will we will try our best to get an update to the iTunes App Store for you. Warning: This software is not designed for use in any activity that may cause any type of injury or property loss and should not be used in such activities. Location services will use the cellular network to determine your position. Charges may apply.

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