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Description For professional film/TV production, post-production and marketing, Sample Digital presents dax|Mobile® with iDailies®, a subscription service exclusively for iPad (users MUST be authorized to use this app before login). Authorized users can securely stream media and navigate between titles, projects, dailies reels, photos, clips and documents, like scripts, via our secure network. The dax System is a production workflow accelerator and media asset management application for content production. Each user connects to the system via dax|Mobile® with unique user credentials that enable access to permission-granted content. Once you log out of your session, no local version of any file remains on your iPad. You can view location and set photos, scripts and trailers via the same reliable dax system used by all major studios, production companies, cable and television networks to distribute and collaborate on production media. The iDailies® service allows authorized users to view dailies reels on your iPad via wireless or 3G network. iDailies® allows users to skip ahead from take-to-take (bang on slate) on each dailies reel, access selects playlists, and add notes and comments associated to time code. dax|Mobile® employs a simple user interface that is easy to navigate and backed by platinum-level 24/7 technical support. dax|Mobile® and iDailies® are products developed by Sample Digital Holdings LLC, the makers of dax|D3, the production workflow accelerator, and Digital Dailies®. • Secure, streaming technology • Set-up for desktop application required prior to dax|Mobile™ viewing. • Accessing video files via 3G network may incur additional charges from your carrier. Contact your network provider to get details about your plan charges and overages. All files must be encoded to 3G wifi spec to work outside a wireless internet connection. • International Data Roaming incurs additional charges from your carrier. Contact your network provider to get details about your plan charges and overages. Copyright Notice: Copyright 2010 Sample Digital Holdings, LLC All Rights Reserved. iDailies®, Digital Dailies® and dax|Mobile® are all registered trademarks of Sample Digital Holdings LLC. About Sample Digital Holdings LLC Sample Digital delivers targeted workflow and media asset management applications and services to companies who produce, distribute and license audio-visual and rich media content. Sample Digital’s suite of applications optimize business process in content production and distribution management for creative leaders t most major film studios and television networks. Our clients have found using Sample Digital’s platforms reduce production and distribution expenditures, improves time to market and minimizes risk – both creatively and financially. Sample Digital’s core platform, dax|D3, is a highly secure web-based environment where users can share ideas, information and content created throughout the production or campaign lifecycle, or as required for trafficking and distribution of final product. dax|D3 incorporates media production workflow and collaboration, transcoding, distribution and security services into one robust, extensible solution available via desktop, set top box and mobile applications.