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Price Free
Description RockMelt is a new web browser that puts your online world right at your fingertips. RockMelt lets you do much more than just search and browse the web. In addition to giving you live updates from Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite sites, RockMelt also lets you share links and photos, comment and like posts, update your status, and save items to view later. RockMelt for your iPhone and iPod touch also syncs with RockMelt on your Mac and PC to give you a seamless online experience - no matter if you're on a commute, waiting for coffee, or back at home. If RockMelt is already installed on your computer, your bookmarks, feeds, items saved for viewing later, and more will automatically be included when you first load RockMelt on your iPhone and iPod touch. If this is your first time using RockMelt, your bookmarks, feeds, and more will be automatically imported onto your Mac or PC when you install RockMelt on your computer later. Happy browsing! RockMelt. Your Browser. Re-Imagined.