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Price $1.00
Description Turn your iPhone into a pointer for presentations and control PowerPoint 2008 or 2004 or Keynote '06/'08 presentations. Has 'Next Slide' and 'Previous Slide' controls, and can show notes from presentations on the iPhone display along with a timer. Pointer icon can easily by replaced by any image, which could be used for humorous purposes. Touch the screen to show the pointer - which is controlled either by orientation (takes practice) or by dragging your finger around the screen (easy) - your choice.

Requirements: Computer running Mac OS X 10.5 (it does NOT work on 10.4 or on Windows), WiFi connection (on the same local network or by creating a computer-to-computer network), and PowerPoint 2008/2004 or Keynote '06/'08 (choose program on the back side of the App).

A small Mac application, PointerServer, must be downloaded to your computer and started whenever Pointer is used. This program is available for free at:

For the current version of PointerServer (v1.1.1), the notes display feature has been improved (brackets no longer required).

A support e-mail address is listed at the support web site.