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Description Fonix iSpeak (TM) English is a hands free voice driven phone dialing application for your Apple iPhone (original or 3G) using Fonix' advanced speech recognition neural network technology.

The current version, 1.4, should fix the crashing issues with 3.0.

Apple has added a "Push to Call" button to every application that makes phone calls from the application in OS 3.0. In beta testing 3.1, it looks like Apple removed this, so when Apple releases OS 3.1, this problem will be gone. (Not 3.01, but 3.1.)

If you have any unresolved problems, please send us a note and make sure that our replies are not being blocked by your spam filter.

Simply launch iSpeak and speak the number you wish to dial or the name of a person in your AddressBook followed by a location (e.g., home, work, or mobile: "Call John Smith at work"). With iSpeak, you don't have to continue to press a button on the iPhone. Text-to-speech (TTS) confirms the information, so you don't have to look at your iPhone to make sure you are calling the right number.

No training or enrollment is required for iSpeak - it provides high accuracy "out of the box", even in noisy conditions - no lengthy recording process for each contact.

Fonix iSpeak runs directly on your iPhone, which speeds up the calling process. You won't be waiting for a server to respond or worry about maintaining a server connection (especially with the original iPhone). In addition, your private contact information never leaves your phone for recognition on a server.

The iPhone does not allow third party applications to access Bluetooth(TM) APIs. We will provide this support when Apple opens the APIs. You can still use iSpeak and a Bluetooth headset. You first launch iSpeak and speak your command into the phone. When the phone begins dialing, the Bluetooth headset will turn on.

iSpeak provides a true hands-free experience giving you greater convenience and safety when using your iPhone.

If you have any problems with Fonix iSpeak, please contact us at We want to know about your issues so that we can continue to make iSpeak the best hands free application on the iPhone.

If you like iSpeak, please review our product and share your experiences with others so that we can continue to grow our market penetration and further enhance and add new features.

NOTE: In loud speaker mode, the phone is slightly slower, wait until the red microphone appears before speaking.

If you are using iSpeak to recognize phone numbers that are not 7,10 or 11 digits according to the North American Numbering Plan (NAMP), you must select "No Specific Pattern" the "Phone Number Patterns" section of the "Fonix iSpeak User Preferences in the iPhone settings.

For those reviewers who are having problems, with "yes and no", be sure to wait until the red microphone pops up to speak. You must speak after the iPhone microphone audio turns on. In our tests, this has fixed this issue.

Before using iSpeak, we suggest that you review the contacts in your AddressBook and make sure they are formatted correctly and remove symbols from the first and last names as well as the company fields.

If you try to use iSpeak with your OS 2.2 phone muted, iSpeak will crash. Apple made a change to their audio in OS version 2.2. We have a fix for this along with many new features in review by Apple now.

Use iSpeak to autodial or voicedial your contacts.