Current Version Version: 1.3
Author Press Start LLC
Price $4.00
Description Buckets is featured as 1 of "10 iPhone Productivity Apps You Need Now" by

"By providing a simple, easy to use interface, I would recommend (Buckets) for people who like to manage and organize every part of their everyday life or would like to start." -

4 Stars -

Buckets allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to easily move tasks out of your mind and record them externally. Gain control of all your tasks and commitments, allowing your mind to be freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and concentrating on actually performing those tasks.

Collect what needs to get done from your head, capturing everything that is necessary to track, remember, or take action on, into your bucket. After collection, use Buckets to organize, process, review, and perform tasks (and actions).

Buckets was designed to allow users to quickly add tasks, without requiring the details. Quickly add tasks and come back later to provide more detail.

View your tasks the way you want, as Buckets offers multiple ways to view your tasks & projects. Buckets also provides the flexibility to utilize only the features you want to use. If you just want a method to keep a list of "to-dos", just enter the task and forget the details. Or use Buckets to track the details of entire projects.

With the ability to input tasks, projects, and actions, as well as important details, Buckets allows users to track high priority tasks and projects, or create simple lists (such as a grocery list).

▪ Empty your head by easily adding a task. Add multiple tasks and fill in the details at a later date
▪ No need for multiple screens or boxes to add a task. Just add, track, and complete
▪ Delegate tasks or assign "Actions" (subtasks) to any task. Also, assign a due date and task priority
▪ Track tasks at a Project (Category) level
▪ Add notes to any tasks
▪ Add Recurring tasks
▪ Easily see tasks that are due today, due within (3, 7, 15, 30) days, delegated (Waiting), and tasks without due dates (Someday)

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