Current Version 1.22
Author pjf USTC
Downloads Count 129,014
License Type Free
Date Added Sep 12, 2006
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 1.988 MB
Description Ed. Note: Users have reported to us that they are having a variety of problems with this product. For that reason we are no longer hosting this file, but you can get it from this anti-rootkit site. The creators of the Hacker Defender rootkit, one of the most widely used tools among the bad guys out there, made it their goal to defeat IceSword. So far, they've failed.

IceSword is developed by a Chinese programmer who doesn't speak a word of English, but this download is the international version with English dialog boxes and controls.

Note: IceSword comes compressed in the RAR format, so you may also need to download the WinRAR utility before you can use it.

Click here for more information about rootkit detectors that can help protect you and your PC.

--Andrew Brandt

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