Current Version SP-1
Author Microsoft Corporation
Downloads Count 900,537
License Type Free
Date Added Mar 24, 2005
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description A flaw in Windows XP allows files on an XP system to be deleted if the user clicks on a certain links--which could be distributed by e-mail or on a Web page. Windows XP Service Pack 1 patches this bug, which may be one of the most dangerous flaws PC World has encountered recently.

The service pack also adds support for upcoming .Net services, Tablet PCs, and XP Media Center Edition. The update also changes the controversial Windows Product Activation antipiracy technology: If you change your PC hardware enough to make WPA suspect that you're illegally installing your copy of the OS on a second PC, you now have three days to call Microsoft before you're locked out of your PC.

Finally, to satisfy a requirement of the Microsoft antitrust settlement, SP-1 lets you hide program icons, including those for some bundled apps dubbed middleware.

The update in its entirety is 137MB, but if you've been downloading Windows XP updates all along, you already have most of SP-1. The Windows Update function will determine which elements you already have and will send only those you need. (If you'd rather work from a CD, Microsoft will ship you one for $10.)

The second of these links takes you to Microsoft's page for Windows XP Service Pack 1a, the first of two updates Microsoft is releasing in order to comply with a preliminary injunction forcing the company to include Sun Microsystems' Java in Windows. The next update will be released in June.

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