Manufacturer’s Description

In the larger scope of things, pop-up ads are a relatively minor irritant. So why do they arouse in so many of us thoughts of retaliation, vengeance and tri-state killing sprees? Popup and Privacy Defender does not actually block new popup windows, but helps you choose which windows you want to be closed with block list feature. Also included here is a tool for covering your online tracks, so other people using your computer can't see where you've virtually been. Popup & Privacy Defender will not only erase cookies, cache and temporary Internet files, it will also clean index.dat files and other items you can't directly access via your browser. In other words, Popup and Privacy Defender blocks stuff you don't want to see, as well as stuff you don't want others to see.

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The Specs

Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows XP
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